Lesbos is undeniably experiencing an humanitarian crisis. More than 300,000 migrants fleeing wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. have arrived in Lesbos this year. Considering the recent events, we can only imagine that the situation will get worst. Residents, tourists and volunteers have stepped in to offer help in the absence of an adequate organized response from the government and the EU. A few international NGOs as well as some local groups of volunteers are operating on the island and their work is of great importance to manage this emergency. However, the needs far exceed the capacity of their staff and more volunteers are requested to travel to Lesbo and help!


From this context originates Welcome Lesbos Falafel, a small independent project which will start operating on Lesbos from December 2015. It is an itinerant initiative travelling around Lesbos, operating in various spots, camps and ports. Its aim is to give a first human and warm welcome to migrants coming from a long and desperate journey with food from their countries: home made falafel


The idea of the project is to connect with more people and invite them not only to become aware of this humanitarian emergency but first and foremost to help refugees and actively support the volunteering operations on the island by continuing our initiative.