Meet us in Lesbos and join our initiative. You can register by signing up on the Welcome Lesbos Falafel Doodle. Your stay can be for a short period of time or for a longer term. It is not much about the duration of time you spend, but rather about your intent to contribute and help which makes the difference!

Refugees in Lesvos undoubtedly need our support. They want their lives back to start building a new future. Greece is just the starting point and the rest of their journey will be long, but we might be able to help them to start it.






General information about the situation for volunteers on Lesbos:

- It is not a matter of being or not an experienced volunteer in order to consider this trip, but it is rather about being willing to support with solidarity and humanity the activities of the groups operating there which strongly need help!

- There is no central coordination of the volunteers on the island. Volunteers travelling to Lesbos are supposed to decide where their skills could fit best and contact some of the individual groups operating there. You will find under ‘CONTACT’ a list containing some of the groups

- The activities includes meeting people from boats, sharing food, sorting clothes, setting up tents, improving conditions, filling up shelves, transporting goods, cleaning the beaches and last but not least sharing experiences

- Travel expenses and accommodation are generaly covered by volunteers themselves

- You will find a document with the general information for volunteers on Lesbos (travel, accommodation, car rental, activities, useful numbers, etc.) here.